Pastelle China Doll facial for flawless skin - about face skin and hair
PRICE: $250 (6 for $1150 see Packages)

The Carbon Laser Peel is also known as ‘Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation’ or ‘China Doll Peel’, and gives you glowing skin after just one treatment. This treatment is very popular in Asia, and has been made famous by Asian Celebrities. If you’re looking for a quick quality skin rejuvenation with no downtime, do what they are doing in Hollywood just before they hit the red carpet, The Carbon Laser Peel.

Get red carpet ready

The Carbon Laser Facial is a laser procedure for enhancing the skin’s radiance and promoting a smooth, glowing complexion. It helps to reduce imperfections like enlarged pores and acne, which originate from the outer skin layer. This laser facial treatment gives an instant improvement to your skin tone and texture, many people like to have a single session to have china doll porcelain skin before a big event or night out. This is why the China Doll Laser Facial is so popular.

With the advancement in laser technology, you can now fully enjoy an innovative way to rejuvenate your skin without the need to stay out of action for any time at all.

The China Doll Facial Process

The China Doll Facial Process

Carbon laser rejuvenation at ABOUT FACE skin & hair is now one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments and is a breakthrough in the beauty industry. We highly recommend that you combine the China Doll Laser Facial with a Laser Peel & Genesis Treatment for a complete Facial Rejuvenation experience with absolutely NO social downtime.

A. All Carbon Face Peel treatments are recommended to be spaced from 1-4 week intervals this gives your skin the best possible chance to create collagen and elastin. Results build on one another so multiple treatments will provide superior results over time.
A. The skin is double cleansed and a medical grade Carbon lotion is applied which penetrates the pores. The laser is then used to gently heat the carbon, killing bacteria in the pores, stimulating collagen production and closing the pores.  The carbon is ‘popped’ off the face with the laser. There is NO pain. No downtime. Just glowing skin which is truly clean.

  • Improvement in pore size
  • Improvement in active acne
  • Increased tone of the skin
  • Collagen and elastin stimulation
  • A cleaner complexion

China Doll Laser Facial - the procedure

“We can’t get enough of The China Doll Laser Facial! This treatment creates you a porcelain dolls complexion! The Carbon Laser treatment is a laser procedure for enhancing the skin’s radiance and promoting a smooth, glowing complexion. The Carbon Laser Peel treatment helps to reduce imperfections like enlarged pores that originate from the outer skin layer. This treatment is one of the most advanced laser treatments available for refining enlarged pores, reducing oil secretion, removing blackheads & whitening. It is delivered by a state of the art Laser Machine delivering short, rapid, high intensity pulses of light with maximum capability for destruction of debris clogged in the pores. The combination of the short wavelength and rapid light pulses results in maximum removal of clogged pores whilst preserving surrounding skin. This treatment has recently been listed in LA’s top ten beauty treatment list. Schedule your appointment today to be one of the first in South Australia to have this treatment.”Michelle

Note: Post care skin care pack, including brightening serum, is highly recommended to be used before and after treatment. This is included in the multi-session package, but needs to be purchased separately for the single session. Ask our staff for more details when you book in. 

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