Venus Freeze® is an all-in-one safe, simple and affordable device that is based on the innovative (MP)² Technology. Venus Freeze® creates a synergy of magnetic pulses and radio frequency (RF) to deliver pleasant treatments and superior results, suitable for various face and body applications including circumference reduction, cellulite improvement, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

Reveal a smoother you.

Venus Freeze’s® dense energy matrix penetrates into multiple layers of the skin, ensuring improved clinical efficacy and noticeably visible results. The unique energy delivery, guarantees quick achievement of therapeutic temperature, easy maintenance of high temperature while eliminating the need of a cooling system, short treatment time due to coverage of a large treated area and a pleasurable homogeneous heating sensation for the client. The combined Radio Frequency (RF) and Magnetic Pulse therapy can effectively be used in circumference reduction, cellulite improvement, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

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Venus Freeze™ Medical Results, Aesthetic Satisfaction… Experience Painless Treatment
Venus Freeze promotes natural skin healing without injuring delicate skin and capable of offering measurable results with a pleasurable massage-like experience.
(MP)2 harnesses the power of Magnetic Pulse Technology, which is clinically proven to improve dermal Micro-Circulation by encouraging the growth of new capillaries.
Venus Freeze does not damage the skin (MP)2 synthesizers combine 8 energy waves into a single matrix to effectively reduce temperature peaks. The treatment requires no anaesthetic and there is no side effects after the procedure.


Aging skin affects two major biological phenomena:
(Theory Postulated: MP2 – Restructure aging skin from the “Inside Out”)
1. Progressive reduction in the number of capillary loops. This leads to a decrease in dermal Micro- Circulation, which is responsible for supplying cells with oxygen & nutrients. This affects the normal function of dermal fibroblasts.
2. Depletion of fibroblasts, which are responsible for collagen & elastin synthesis.

Correcting the Biological Phenomena that Cause Aging
(MP)2 is a unique technology that can reverse the effects of aging skin by combining Pulse Magnetic fields and RF. Pulse Magnetic fields increase FGF-2 production a growth hormone responsible for the creation of minute blood vessels and the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts.
Simultaneously RF increases collagen and elastin synthesis by causing controlled thermal damage in the dermis, which stimulates the self repair mechanisms of skin tissue.

(MP)2 Increases tissue temperature, enhancing hormone activity and breaking down triglycerides located in fat cells into glycerol and free fatty acids. The free fatty acids are released into the blood stream resulting in a significant volume reduction in fat cells. This enhanced biological process leads to measurable circumferential reduction and smoothes cellulite.

Blood Circulation
(MP)2 improves blood flow in the treated area, enhancing overall skin condition. Improving dermal circulation supplies more vitamins, minerals and oxygen to skin cells, simultaneously removing toxins and waste materials.

Collagen and Elastic Restructuring
(MP)2 modifies the ultra structure of collagen fibers making them thicker and shorter, increasing skin tightness. At the same time new fibroblasts increases the number of collagen and elastin fibers improving skin tightness and elasticity resulting in wrinkle reduction.

How many treatments are required to see results?
According to your treatment program, your qualified technician will offer a series of treatments, usually six to eight , in one or two-week intervals. You should start seeing improvement in your skin following the second or third treatment, but more improvement will gradually appear as the treatment course progresses and will continue to do so for up to six months following the completion of the treatment course. As new, healthier collagen is formed, more natural looking and firmer skin will be produced.


Face & Lower Jaw: $400 per session
Lower Jaw & Neck: $250 per session
Face & Neck: $500 per session
Upper Arms (pair): $250 per session
Lower Arms (pair): $200 per session
Full Arms (pair): $300 per session
Upper Abdomen: $200 per session
Lower Abdomen: $250 per session
Full Abdomen: $300 per session
Upper back+ Mid back: $250 per session
Flanks (love handles – pair): $250 per session
Back: $250 per session
Lower Buttocks: $250 per session
Full Buttocks: $300 per session
Inner Thighs: $250 per session
Outer Thighs (hips): $250 per session
Upper Thighs & Buttocks( pair) $400 per session
Upper Thighs (pair) $350 per session
Lower Legs (pair): $250 per session
Knees : $200 per session
Full Legs (excl. Buttocks): $550 per session
Full Legs (incl. Buttocks): $600 per session


  • We encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle by consuming frequent and small portions of food.
  • Drink 1 Litre or more of water, one hour before each session and continue drinking 1-3 litres daily.
  • Incorporate 15-20 min of daily exercise
  • We highly recommend all treatments to be done in intervals as advised by your clinician as longer interval can affect results.
  • A course of 6 – 8 ( bi-weekly or weekly) treatments are needed


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