Smooth back
PRICE: FROM $125 per session
(6 sessions for $800 – business card size)

Do you have an out-dated, unsightly or irrelevant tattoo?  Recent developments in technology make laser tattoo removal easy and effortless. We are trained in the latest technology and practices to ensure your comfort, safety and best results.

Once upon a time a tattoo of a dolphin used to be cool.

You might have though it was cool years ago getting a dolphin on your ankle or a ancient chinese symbol all across you lower back… But now that the years have passed and coolness is no longer your priority, what can you do to get rid of the visible memories of the past.

Tattoo Removal - before and after

Tattoo Removal – before and after

Several reasons will call for tattoo removal. You may be having a tattoo that symbolizes a group or an engagement to something that you no longer belong to. Maybe it is a romantic relationship that has broken up and now you don’t want that tattoo to remind you. Or maybe a tattoo seems to be a stumbling block to your career opportunities and you need to get rid of it! 

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